Application to provide delivery service

Ajeebah believes in creating opportunities for young people who want partial employment opportunities - as a delivery captain - at the place and time that suit them, and we also work with a participatory economy system that serves the Saudi stores category and business leaders in logistical, warehousing and marketing operations, and we also strive to satisfy customers by delivering their order quickly, professionally and easily in receiving And payment, under the supervision and follow-up of the operations room at the company's headquarters, until the ordering process is completed perfectly.

How do we do that

The application offers a set of unique features and services to our customers

Quality of service

We are always ready to deliver your orders and in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because your satisfaction is of our concern.

Good time

Because we respect the times of our customers, we have committed ourselves to providing our various services around the clock.

Competitive price

Agipah provides several reliable payment methods, in order to ensure that we provide our services with transparency and clarity.


The application interfaces are simple, simple and distinctive design

Customer Reviews

We care about collecting the ratings and opinions of our customers as we work to provide our services with the best possible quality

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